Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Losing the plot

As quite a lot of this blog consists of me slagging off Transport for London, I thought I should include something nice about them. Yes, you did read that right. A week or so ago I lost my wallet. After much stressing and cancelling of cards, I got it all sorted, but was most upset about the wallet itself—this sweet little blue one with a robin on it which my parents had bought for me not very long ago. Anyway, I resigned myself to never seeing it again.
Then, last Saturday I got a letter from London Transport Lost Property Office (which I imagine is basically just full of stuff I've lost) saying that they had it and I could come pick it up. With only a £4 administrative charge. Which has got to be the cheapest thing TFL sell.
Even though I'd cancelled almost everything, it did mean that I didn't have to spend £22 pounds on a new driving licence and the £35 voucher which I'd got for Christmas was still in there. Don't despair though—just when I thought that karma was cutting me some slack, I discovered that not only was my car battery totally dead, I have to buy a new one which costs 60 english pounds. So I guess I'm about breaking even.

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