Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Paying our respects (serious blog post alert)

A month or so ago I went to Arnhem in Holland for a weekend, where we lobbed my grandfather’s ashes off a bridge. He’d specifically requested it as he was dropped (in a glider) there in the Second World War (I won’t go into the details but Wikipedia has them all here if you’re interested).

As a country that’s never been occupied (or at least not in recent memory), I think it’s hard for us to understand the impact the Allied troops had on the people of the Netherlands. I’ve never been anywhere where British people were, and still are, treated with such love and respect. Several people stopped on Arnhem Bridge to ask us about my Grandpa, even after we'd unceremoniously thrown ash in their eyes.

Big up the Dutch. And big up my Grandpa.

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