Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Yet another great day

First thing this morning I had a minor elbow-war with a man on the tube (you know, when you both jostle for space on the arm rest). I sort-of won, but I did have to sit with my arm at an exceedingly unnatural angle for the entirety of my tube journey meaning an achy shoulder for the rest of the day... still at least I proved my point!

Then, about half an hour ago, I knocked a pint of water over, completely soaking my lap, chair and legs (along with a piece of handwritten work related stuff which I've been looking for for ages and had only found a few minutes before—obviously now it's barely legible). I then spent 15 minutes under the hand-drier in the ladies, in some kind of weird yoga position (I think it was a crap version of downward facing dog) trying to dry my bottom. Oh, the humanity!

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