Thursday, 18 September 2008

More pedantry

Less pedantry than actual anger at the myriad of typos and complete lack of any kind of coherent sentence structure in the below email received from an estate agent:
“I understand your concern over the market, and you may be right in thinking that the market could slow down a bit further (even dough a really doubt will go much further down). Why are you not making your math up, and taking in consideration further movement in the market you come up with an offer that you are comfortable with? Unfortunately the vendor is start thinking to rent the place out and sell it in few years when she could maximise her profit (she knows that the neighbour flat, also a 3 bed, was sold by us last year at 347k). If you are not happy with that, just feel free to contact us in couple of weeks and see whether the property still for sale.
Why she not learn speak English?

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