Sunday, 3 August 2008

My favourite subject

Some arse has obviously sold my email address to god knows where as I'm getting vast amounts of spam at the moment. Rather than just deleting it, I've taken to keeping some of the ones with the more amusing subject lines. Here are some of my favourites so far (comments in italics are mine):

Chineses suffer from quantity, we enjoy quality Take me to China baby.

Man eats dog alive Then when you open the mail it says “IBM decides to try to buy over Dell to lower manufacturing cost of PCs”. Disappointing.

It is more. Thicker. Longer. More long. Obviously ran out of adjectives after “longer”.

Kristina Princess prowls for you What?

Size does matter! Now you’re just stating the obvious.

Please be informed that you should be extremely careful choosing your penis enlargement method. Duly noted. Thank you for the warning.

Cleanse your body today The subject line isn’t very funny but the fact it came from is.

Enjoy the juicy boobs Now there’s an offer I can refuse.

Fat Chinese Man Kills And Eats Brother Because He Was Hungry Fairly self explanatory.

r Methinks some more imagination should go into the subject lines.

Like puzzles Emma help solve crimes That's where the Met have been going wrong. Alert Scotland Yard!

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