Friday, 27 June 2008

I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa...

I went for a couple of pints after work last night which meant the obligatory stop off on the way home for a tinkle. The loo in the shopping centre was shut, so I wondered down to Morrison's to partake of their facilities and also get myself something for supper. Imagine my surprise when I went into the loo to discover that they employ some bizarre kind of blacklight in there. I may be being quite stupid, but does anyone know why they do this? My first thought was that it was something to do with being able to see the dirt (or bloodstains—wouldn’t surprise me in Stratford) but none seemed visible and I find it very hard to believe that the Morrison's public toilet is that clean. Answers on a postcard please.

UPDATED: I happened to mention this to my friend Jo while I was writing it and she told me that apparently it's so that you can't do drugs in Morrison's supermarket. Sometimes I amaze even myself with what an innocent flower I am (see below).

I think I might stick to Sainsbury's in future.


  1. So you can do drugs? Shame on you!

  2. The blue light in question is there in order that heroin addicts will be unable to find a vein! Will