Monday, 14 April 2008

Speech impediment

Last week I was off home after another day at work of staring out of the window. A Very Important Person from Editorial walked past me. He’s one of those ones who always makes a point of acknowledging the minions like me when he goes past. So, he smiles and says hello. As he is a Very Important Person, obviously it pays to be polite and/or sycophantic if at all possible. Me being me, I had a quick debate in my head as to whether to say “Hi” or “Night” as I’m leaving. Instead of either of those, I smile beatifically at him and say: “Ni!”


  1. At least you didn't cup his balls. Or try to speak with a mouthful of (free) sweets in M&S. Oh I miss Sweets!

  2. Ah, the ball cupping story rears its head again. So to speak. You will always win with that one!

  3. Oh, Emma. Still in stitches about that...


    Jo x